SFM Mounting Bracket for Switchpro 9100

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Don't have extra room to add a SwitchPro? we got you! this little guy can mount almost anywhere on the dash with a flat surface. Made from the same grade and quality of our consoles, and of course a flush fit for the Switchpro. Powdered with the same Tough coating as our panels. Mounts with 2 simple screws and measuring in at 4.8x3 is super small and fits just about anywhere! Mounting hardware is included for bracket, Switchpro mounts with brackets that ships with Switchpro. Don't forget to send us pictures were you mounted yours! 

 Part# x3-sk-sp8

 Fits CanamX3 and any other Vehicle! 

*Switchpro Switch panel Not included
*Switchpro Mounting hardware not included