SFM ProR/Pro One off Console 018

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 This mount will allow you to mount your radios in the factory area of your rocker switches, as well as mount your switchpro9100. 1 Rocker switch slot and 12v under the intercom. Switchpro 9100 and 3 rocker switch slots.  Console extend all the way down the lower section fitting it nice and flush for a factory look. 

* Switchpro mounts with original mounting hardware

Part# sfm-oo-pro-0018

Fits Polaris Pro/ProR 2020-up

Compatible with:

  • Rugged Radio M1
  • Rugged Radio GMR45
  • Rugged Radio RM60
  • RRP5050,RRP696,RRP362,6100
  • Switchpro 9100
  • Rugged PTT 

Included in box

  • Radio Mounting Hardware
  • Center Console