SFM Polaris ProR/XP Race Radio Switchpro



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 This mount will allow you to mount your radios in the factory area of your rocker switches, as well as mount your switchpro! factory 12v socket as well! Rocker slot for your drive mode models. Console extend all the way down the lower section fitting it nice and flush for a factory look. This console will house your radio, intercom, switchpro 9100 and your 12v. 

* Switchpro mounts with original mounting hardware

Part# sfm-pro-rm1-sp

Fits Polaris Pro/ProR 2020-up

Compatible with:

  • Rugged Radio M1
  • Rugged Radio GMR45
  • Rugged Radio RM60
  • RRP5050,RRP696,RRP362,6100
  • Switchpro9100

Included in box

  • Radio Mounting Hardware
  • Center Console