Sand sport sxs paddles



Only 12 left!

30/1100-14 fronts
30/1300-14 rears
30/1100-15 fronts
30/1300-15 reqrs
32/1100-15 fronts
32/1300-15 rears
These Sand Sports SXS Tires have an exclusive rubber compound that is designed to reduce “paddle shock” on the clutches, axles and drive belts of your vehicle. They are also engineered to securely fit safety beads and beadlocks of most UTV and SXS wheels.  Sand Sports SXS Tires have an optimized paddle and cross section designed for the ultimate in sand performance. The front tires feature reversible bi-directional tread pattern that allows you the choice of climbing “pull” or front end stability for high speed carving. Over 80 combined years of racing and sand sports experience goes into making these the best tires available for your UTV and SXS.
100% designed and made in the USA