RPM-SxS RZR Pro XP & Turbo R " Big Fatty " HD Silicone Intake Tube



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RZR Pro XP " Big Fatty " HD Silicone Intake Tube

What sets our intake tube apart from everyone else's is that it is 6ply, 7mm thick, and does NOT bottleneck at the shock, OR either opening. 

This is a MUST HAVE item for stock AND definitely modified machines! The stock intake tube collapses when warm, causing the intake to clog itself and starve for air. The factory tube is simply to thin and weak. The RPM SxS " Big Fatty " intake tube does not have the same restrictive molding near the shock AND has 6 ply's of reinforcement totaling 7mm thick! This thing simply DOES NOT collapse! Along with the Big Fatty intake tube you will receive two stainless steel T-bolt clamps to secure it on both ends. This install is so easy and straightforward that instructions were hard to create! A simple 10 minute install! OEM 1241537 upgrade!


2020-2022 RZR Pro XP 2 & 4 Seat models
2022-2023 RZR Turbo R & Turbo R4