RPM ~ Pro R 6 PLY Silicone HD Intake Tube / Bed To Airbox



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Pro R Intake Tube

Bed To Airbox Intake Tube

The stock intake tube from the bed to the airbox is made of very plastic. Material use is just the beginning of the troubles. This tube in stock format is VERY restrictive and has multiple restrictive paths of flow. We have fixed these flaws with a extremely heavy duty 7mm thick 6Ply silicone tube that is not only stronger but also oversized. We removed all restrictions of airflow & forming imperfections, while enlarging the tube was much as possible without causing clearance issues with the bed or shock. These changes and smoothed transitions provide the absolute most air flow and intake velocity possible. Each tube includes stainless Silicone Safe T-Bolt clamps.


 Key Features

        * 6 Ply 7mm Thick HD Heat Resistant Silicone

        * Stainless Clamps

        * Increased Air Flow

        * Simple Bolt On Installation

2022-2023 RZR Pro R 2 & 4 Seat models