RPM ~ Pro R 5PLY Silicone HD Intake Tube / Throttle Body to Air Box



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Pro R Intake Tube

Airbox to Throttle Body Intake Tube

The airbox to throttle body intake boot is made out of thin soft rubber with no reinforcement to stop itself from collapsing in on its self when warm and under a heavy load. We have fixed this flaw with a extremely heavy duty 8.5mm thick 5Ply silicone tube that is not only stronger but also oversized. When designing this we removed the factory restrictive to airflow imperfections & smoothed the transitions and clearance points to the max providing the absolute most intake air flow and velocity possible. Each tube includes stainless Silicone Safe T-Bolt clamps and factory crankcase ventilation port.


 Key Features

        *5 Ply HD Heat Resistant Silicone

        *Stainless Clamps

        *Increased Air Flow

        *Simple Bolt On Installation

2022-2023 RZR Pro R 2 & 4 Seat models