Cognito Fox Shock Rebuild Kit For Aftermarket Steel Body Fox 2.5 Inch IBP Shocks For Polaris RZR 14-18 XP 1000 / 18-21 RS1 / 2018 Turbo

Cognito Motorsports SKU: 499-90657-JCBN


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The Fox Shock Rebuild Kit is designed to allow for basic service of oil seals and oil. Shocks are a wear item and require service to continue to work correctly. When shock oil becomes contaminated, shock tuning and drivability become less consistent.

Running shocks with dirty oil for extended periods of time is much harder on the shock internal parts. This kit includes oil seals, O-rings, and new oil to service a pair of shocks.

Note:This kit is for the aftermarket steel body IBP Fox shocks and will not work for the newer aluminum body aftermarket shocks.