Camp locator pole 22' deluxe Poles and Holders

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This is a Poles and Holders EXCLUSIVE. This deluxe flagpole comes equipped with a total of 7 collapsible (48") sections, 3 metal locking pins to secure the bottom 3 sections to eliminate the possibility of collapsing. We designed this rigid fiberglass flag pole to handle the most demanding winds found in the desert and sea side locations. The top section is approximately 1" in diameter and is made to accommodate any electrical wire for any of our optional flag pole lights. The bottom section is just 1.88" in diameter. It is designed to fit snugly into all our 22' series holders/mounts without the need for rubber spacers or protective sleeves to make it fit correctly. It also comes with 4 black swivel rings (2 middle A rings) to allow you to fly two independently flying 3x5' flags, without being tangled.

This metallic grey pole collapses down from 22 Feet to 48 inches for easy storage in your RV. Not only is it easy to store, it only weighs 4 pounds. They have been clocked at 30MPH winds, with 2 3x5' flags flying. However we highly suggest taking the pole down in windy conditions and/or collapse a few sections,when the winds pick up.
What's more, included with this flag pole is a shiny 4" inch chrome ball for the top, a vinyl flag pole bag, 4 rings with caribeaner clips to fly two 3x5' flags, pins for the bottom three sections, and a LIFETIME Warranty against all defects in materials!

**Also included with the purchase of this flag pole is a FREE 3x5' American flag **

NOTE:The rings are not alphabetically correct, the C ring goes on first (largest ring) then the two A rings go in the middle, and the B ring goes on the top of the top section of the flag pole.