Bantam Low Voltage Bypass Spod



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The Bantam has a built-in low voltage detection feature that constantly monitors the vehicle's battery voltage that the Bantam's battery cables are connected to. If the battery drops below 11.6V, after two minutes, the Bantam will shut down.

In order to reactivate the Bantam, it needs to see 12.8V or higher. That means the engine will have to be started in order for the vehicle's charging system to bring the voltage above 12.8vV

This Low Voltage Bypass jumper has two purposes:

  • It disables the low voltage shut down feature which is normally at 11.6V; and,
  • It overrides the minimum voltage of 12.8V and allows it to power on below 12.8V.

If your Bantam system will frequently be disconnected from the vehicle's battery, the Low Voltage Bypass is a requirement.

Examples of when the Low Voltage Bypass may become necessary:

  • When using a master power switch.
  • When starting the vehicle is prohibited.