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Introducing the newest in marine technology - Mwhips all-in-one LED Stern Light & Boat Whip!  Functions: 12 solid colors 32 brightness  10 speeds 366 patterns Wireless remote control Our Tier 1 (T1) whip features fewer LEDs per foot with gaps between wrappings, but still creates a dazzling light show. For those looking for a brighter, more consistent display, our Tier 2 (T2) whip has more LEDs per foot and no gaps between wrappings. So no matter your budget and lighting needs, Mwhips has the perfect whip for you! Whether you’re parked at the dock or underway at dusk, you can be sure you’ll be shining bright and safe with this US Coast Guard compliant light. Just plug it into the stern, lock it in and press the button on the wireless remote. Within seconds, you’ll have several color choices to choose from! When you’re ready to get under power, press the off button on the remote and the light will turn off, except for the white tip at the top of the whip. When you’ve beached, or are out floating, press the on button on the remote and it will return to your last used color choice. Our patented LED Stern lights also have a reverse polarity circuit so they will work with most stern light plugs on the market, including Perko or Attwood styles. Mwhips LED Stern lights are available in different styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Get yours today U.S. PAT 11,293,620 U.S. PAT 11,585,511 B2 Handling the boat whip : Hold stern base only when installing and removing light from watercraft. By installing or removing stern lights by the LED section, this can cause damage to the stern light that is not warranted. Please handle with care. If your Boat Whip does not turn on : If your whip has not started to dance with color when plugging it into the base, please ensure that you have proper connections from your power source to light base. You will also want to ensure that you have added the battery to the wireless remote and have pressed the on button. If you have checked these and your whip continues to not work, this is due to reverse polarity. What you will want to do is the following: - Remove the whip from the boat base/adapter. - Remove the set screw near the base of the whip and reinstall it on the opposite side (in the open threaded screw hole). Plug your whip back into the boat base/adapter and enjoy! The reason for this is due to the fact that our whips have controller/brains within them that give you all of the light options. Because of this, the positive and negative have to feed a dedicated side unlike the standard stern light that is not polarity sensitive. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns. U.S. Pat. 11,293,620