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32” LED CHASE LIGHT/LIGHT BAR COMBO (180W) Illuminate your ride with our Chase Light/Light Bar combo! This innovative light features Bluetooth and remote functionality, giving you the perfect balance of convenience and control. Enjoy solid color, strobe, and color chasing options, as well as a white spot light override option. Get your Chase Light and Light Bar combo today and make your ride stand out! Features:  - 21 Modes - 12 Colors - Bluetooth or RF Wireless Remote - Weatherproof - LED Light Bar FULL COLOR - Insanely bright LEDs make sure you're visible at all times and a clean straight design means you get a good amount of LEDs per foot. AMAZING PERFORMANCE - Water resistance, shockproof, virtually indestructible. This LED Lightbar is great. UNRIVALED VARIETY - up to 20 color combinations, 5 brightness levels, and up to 180+ flash patterns; That gives you over 1,000 different options to choose from. EASY INSTALLATION - a couple of brackets, a plug-in harness and your good to go! MAINTAINING CONTROL - Its all about maintaining control of your vehicle and equipment, yet  this may not always be an easy task. Our LED Chase-light/Light bar, however, is easy to control and customize with a convenient remote.