1.5" x 20’ Kinetic Freedom Rope

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Freedom Ropes: Freedom Ropes

1.5" x 20’ Kinetic Freedom Rope (Breaking Strength 74,000 lbs.)

The 1-1/2" x 30’ is the go to rope for duallys pulling trailers or fifth wheels. Works great for RVs & Utility Trucks.

Kinetic Energy Freedom Ropes are tougher, safer, kinetic energy off road recovery ropes. Developed for pulling vehicles out of sand, mud or snow. • 100% double braided nylon rope. Kinetic energy offroad recovery ropes provide superior performance, strength, and durability. Freedom Ropes actively use their own kinetic energy to help get your stuck vehicle moving. Up to 33% stretch - 10 FEET!!

(comes with a bag)